About Us

General culture is post modern streetwear brand combines athleticism with a hint of provocation. Taking inspiration from and cross referencing rugged sports with refined, street wear, athletics and goth into one decidedly urban masculine yet unisex collection.


“often created by disenfranchised urban youth; art that responded to advertising and mass media, by artists such as Jenny Holzer and Barbra Kruger; and work that manifested outrage about such issues as the AIDS epidemic, feminist concerns, and gay rights, created by collectives such as Gran Fury, group Material, ACT UP, and the Guerilla Girls.”

Artists such as, “[Jean-Michel] Basquiat and [Keith] Haring

Both chose to use public space as a platform for exhibiting and disseminating their art, and by doing so they laid the ground work for street art: placing work on city walks and subway stations, the produced a body of work that was intentionally accessible to the general public. Their images were both visually arresting and easily comprehended by the masses of people inhabiting the city.”2 This movement away from the gallery and into the street is part of the breakdown of hierarchical structures and cultural boundaries that is endemic of the post modern era.

No longer is the artistic underclass seeking the approval or support of the elites, instead the artist seeks direct communication with the public. They want their art to transform the culture, not just influence it.